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Driving Times

Measuring just 12km from bow to stern, Deer Island, reached by ferry from L'Etete on the southeast shore of Passamaquoddy Bay (every 30 minutes 7 a.m.-6 p.m.; hourly till 10 p.m.; free), is dotted with the tiniest of fishing villages, strung along a road that provides charming views of hill and dale as it crosses from the ferry wharf in the east to Fairhaven in the west. 

Near Fairhaven, in Northern Harbor Bay, the island boasts the world's largest lobster pound while Deer Island Point, at the southern tip, overlooks a narrow sound where it's possible to see and sometimes hear the famous whirlpool known as the Old Sow (largest in the Western Hemisphere - possibly the world!). It's caused by the Fundy tides as they sweep round the island and is at its peak three hours before high tide.

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Travel Times from Major Cities

US Cities  -  Canadian Cities

From Bar Harbor, Maine and Acadia National Park
115 miles, approx. 2.5 hours
US1 to ST189 at Whiting, ME to Lubec, ME cross Roosevelt International Bridge to Campobello Island, NB through Canada Customs.
135 miles, approx. 3 hours
US1 to ST 190 to Eastport, ME and board the hourly (summer) toll-ferry to Deer Island.
123 miles, approx. 3 hours
US1 to East Machias, ME.  Then US 191 to US1 again to Calais, ME crossing the border and follow directions from St. Stephen, NB.

From US cities:
New York, New York - Interstate 95 to...
Boston, Massachusetts - 4 hours via Interstate to Bangor, some tolls on Interstate 95 then... 
Bangor, Maine - 1.5 hours via Route 9 to Calais, then...
Calais, Maine - May have some delay crossing into Canada at St. Stephen, NB from either the downtown Calais Bridge or the second Milltown Bridge.

From Canadian cities:
St. Stephen, New Brunswick - 45 minutes, via Route 1 East.  Exit 43 on Route 172 through St. George and take L'etete Ferries to Deer Island.
Saint John, New Brunswick - 1 hour, via Route 1 West.  Exit 43 on Route 172 through St. George and take L'etete Ferries to Deer Island.
Fredericton, New Brunswick - 2 hours
Moncton, New Brunswick - 2.5 hours on Route 1 and 2 
Halifax, Nova Scotia - 5.5 hours (one toll-road)
Charlottetown, Price Edward Island - 4.5 hours via the Confederation Bridge.  (toll off the island)
Toronto, Ontario - Approx. 15 hours
Ottawa, Ontario - Approx 12 hours
Montreal, Quebec - Approx. 8 hours

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